08 May, 2006

we like birthdays more and more!

Lovers and dreamers, it has happened yet again... Curiously, a year to the day since the last time... MindlessMunkey has had a birthday. As Mr Byron keeps so cruelly pointing out, I am now half-way to 52.

Let's have a brief run-down of what I have scored, so far...

TYRES! from PaterMunkey... for my beloved vehicular friend Oli who will no long
er skid around wet roads like a toddler in socks on polished floor-boards.

THESE CDs! ostensibly from ElectroBoy but really also from
PaterMunkey. Not really a surprise considering he rang me from JB-HiFi and said "What do you want?"... but lovely nonetheless. He is good to me.

THIS BOOK! from Ms Snazzles. I love it!

A TICKET TO THIS SHOW! from Canoe and Jelly. It was hilarious!

A TICKET TO SEE THIS BAND! from The Mistress. I am greatly looking forward to it (it's next Saturday).


A BOTTLE OF THIS! from my Cousins J & M. Viva la vino!

THIS BEAUTIFUL CAKE! from Byron and Sami. Please note the beautiful flowers, and various parasites (tape-worms, heart-worms, etc) with which it has been carefully decorated.


A WHOLE PACKAGE OF GOODIES IN THE MAIL FROM MR BYRON! including this excellent CD, this adorable book, an incredibly cute keyring (with my name on it - smudged out in the above pic for the purposes of internet paranoia, etc), and a mini origami turtle kit which will cetainly prove a challenge for my stubby, clumsy fingers. It was all topped off with a short letter that damn-near made me cry. Curse that boy for being so wonderful. *smitten kitten ...err, munkey*


THIS GRAPHIC-NOVEL! from Lady Lilikens. It is bizarre and marvellous and I want this Mr Bryan Lee O'Malley to hurry up and finish the goshdarn series today, please, so I can read it, thankyou.


If there are gifts I have forgotten, I AM SORRY. Please remind me, and tell me how fucking rude I am. My brain is not functioning properly at the moment because through a twist of fate so callous and heinous it can barely be believed (hyperbole? moi?) I AM SICK.

Yes, sick on my birthday. Rude! Fortunately I have managed to keep my suffering to a minimum with the aid of a few friends:

In general, I have been feeling much warmth and fuzziness lately. I am increasingly aware of just how lucky I am to be surrounded by the people in my life. What did I do to deserve the love of so many exquisite human beings?! And, of course, I don't just mean the people who gave me the goodies listed above, but everyone who has formed part of the rich tapestry (I studied writing at the VCA. Can you tell?) of my 26 years on this earth. To any of you who read this, I love you very very dearly, and I hope to share my life with you for many years to come.

Everybody now: "Aaaaawwwwwwwww!"



Blogger Afe said...

Happy birthday, bitch! I hope you get better than ever. Not that you weren't alright before. You know what I mean.

May 08, 2006 11:08 am  

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