21 April, 2006

it's like i'm looking in a mirror...

So this My-Heritage thing has been doing the rounds, most recently over at QueerPenguin, I believe. The deal is simple: you submit a photo of yourself, the computery-websitey-doohickey has a gander at your features, and spits out a list of celebrities whom you most resemble.

So... into the computer goes a photo of Munkey, and lo and behold my first result:

KATIE HOLMES - 58% match
Well, knock me up and call me Xenu. Whoda

The site suggests you submit a few different pictures, and see which celebs reappear. Far be it from me not to follow the advice of a website, so I submitted about 5 different pics. The following fine folk make up a summary of my top ten "matches":

BILLY BOYD - 62% match
I really can't see it, but if you say so. I must say he is looking particularly
dapper in this pic.

DEAN R. KOONTZ - 61% match
Maybe after 10 years soaking in the Creepy Tank.

EUGENE LEVY - 61% match
Depressing. Especially because I can kind of see it. *shudders*

GLORIA ESTEFAN - 59% match
It's my lovely bosom that does it.

Well, Byron will like that.

JOSH HARTNETT - 57% match
I wish.

JOHN CUSACK - 55% match
Slightly less so, but again: I wish.

Another one for Byron. I think this is some
kind of joke. Everyone who does this thing seems to get Condi.

Demi will just not stop calling me!

So there you have it, lovers and dreamers. Now if you see me in the street you'll recognise me. Do trundle over and say hello, won't you.

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Blogger lili said...

i got

alicia silverstone (73%)
jennifer bealz (68% - who the hell is she?)
helena bonham carter (66%)
alexis bledel (66%)
kate hudson (66%)
winona ryder (64%)
courtenay cox (62%)

no condy, though!

April 22, 2006 9:41 am  
Anonymous Snaz said...

What fun!!

The following fall into the "i wish" category:

Drew Barrymore 75%
Jennifer Garner 74%
Lauren Bacall 73%
Alyson Hannigan 67%

Hmmmm.... Less happy...

Charlotte Church 71%

And if I were a man:

John Denver 70% (no wonder Canoe likes to hug me)
Owen Wilson 68% (I should hug MYSELF more often)
PG Wodehouse 66% (HAH!!!)

April 23, 2006 12:13 pm  
Anonymous Reth10 said...

Jennifer Beals??!? She's the hot chick from Flashdance! She nearly turned me during the "Manhunt" sequence.

She also played Cinderella in Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre (a concept I would dearly dearly love to see revisited).

April 25, 2006 7:16 pm  

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