20 December, 2005

lookie ma! we're on the compooter!

Munkey has taken another tentative step towards online infamy. Yes believe it or not, lovers and dreamers, a website has been crazy enough to make me one of their official writers!

Alternative music and culture website Halo-17 is letting me broadcast my musical opinions to the world. They have already published the sample review I submitted, and apparently I shall soon receive my first official "assignment". I will get sent promo and pre-release CDs... two or three every few weeks. Then I review them for the good people at Halo and - the best part of all - I will be getting paid in CDs and sometimes even concert tickets! Hurrah! Since I love music, and one of my favourite hobbies is accidentally discovering new obscure artists & albums I would never have heard of otherwise, this is like the perfect passtime for me. I don't need to spend all my money on records, yet I still get to sample a wide array of what the indie/alt music world has to dish-out.

One side-effect of this is that I won't be posting reviews of new-release music on this here blog anymore. (I know I know, you're all DEVASTATED, but I'm sure you'll cope.) Since I am effectively being paid for my reviews at Halo-17, they think (and I agree) it's fair that I don't publish the same material anywhere else. So future musical Munkey's-Eye-Views will be retrospective looks at classics only.


In other news, Australia has rated a mention in long-running much-loved satirical news website
The Onion. It was just a brief feature in the faux Vox-Pop section:

Oh we should all be so proud! You know you're making your mark as a nation, when you do something absurd and reprehensible enough to be mocked on The Onion.


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Blogger B.Wabbit said...

Fun post, Munkey.
Used to love reading music mags when i was younger. Still do. Thanks for the heads up on an Oz site I can resonate with. Your review I enjoyed. Moreover it made me curious about the album. Neat work, mate. Would you mind if I tried that out? I gotta Saul WIlliams album here I love and would love to get me old opinion of it heard.
Also planning on sussing The Onion.
Grins and all that. - D

January 25, 2006 3:08 am  

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