06 December, 2005

scary, subversive, smutty & stupid

It's time again for Munkey's semi-regular round-up of Crazy Shit I Have Found On The Net:


First up, from the desk of Lady Lilikens, a terrifying little item:


Life too boring? Nobody paying attention? Make everyone care by ARRANGING AN ACCIDENT. The services at
By-Accident.com can fake a rape, assault, car accident or botched suicide to make your past more interesting, and manipulate your loved-ones into realising how much they really love you. By-Accident.com will provide psychological counselling to make your new memory as real as possible, and even perform surgery to create the physical "scars" of your trauma. Everything you need to create a convincing "accident" and get noticed the way you deserve. By-Accident.com can turn you from an ordinary overlooked citizen, into a unique & remarkable victim of tragedy. Because you're worth it!


Ever wished the stories and lessons of The Good Book could be simplified and presented in an easy-to-swallow colourful format? Well look no further than...


This is sheer genius: genuine (albeit abridged) quotes and narratives form the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, rendered in Lego. The scenes of graphic
sex and violence are particularly brilliant. My favourite section is The Law, illustrating the Old Testament's guidelines on when it is correct to stone your children, how a man is to make himself clean after spilling his semen, the proper time to hang somebody, and just what God thinks of people who follow their own moral compass instead of obeying His laws. Pure, subversive Gold!


Now, we all know kids love to go to Disneyland. But I think this picture from the Pirates Of the Carribean attraction, gives an inkling as to why their mothers love to take them:

Shiver me timbers.


And just for good measure, another treat from

In case you can't make out the text, it reads:
This child is my friend! Occasionally it also becomes emergency provisions.


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