05 December, 2005

munkey needs some silliness

Okay I think it's high time for some nonsense. I've seen this around on a couple of different blogs; it's one of those fun 'do this with Google and put it on your blog' activities that are constantly sweeping the web.

You do a search for "(your name) needs" - make sure you include the quotation marks - and blog the first ten results. So here's what I got...

Ashton needs a transfusion of immunoglobulins.
Ashton needs to find out what his friend, Roger,is up to.
Ashton needs help dealing with foam and scum.
Ashton needs to have a confrontation with a razor!
Ashton needs to lose the pimp hat.
Ashton needs a beating, and he needs a beating now.
Ashton needs to come to NYC to Smoke The finest hydro and Drink The best bottles of Cristal.
Ashton needs to re-evauate the findings of his survey!!
Ashton needs a ass whoopin'.
Ashton needs to have George Wilson and The Lone Ranger killed so he can finish the take-over of Border City.

Spooky! Now lets try my other name...

Munkey needs to get his revenge on former friend Edsel.
Munkey needs a spakning! (sic)
Munkey needs some help in the Hallmark department.
Munkey needs a lot of hay.
Munkey needs to wake up and face reality.
Munkey needs a vagina.
Munkey needs loving.
Munkey needs to Masterbate. (sic)
Munkey needs sleep badly.
Munkey needs to read more carefully.

A surprising number of these are extremly accurate. I'll leave it to your imaginations, dear readers, to determine which ones. Incidentally, I've always felt that if you can't spell 'masturbate', you shouldn't be allowed to do it.




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