01 December, 2005

a treat for lovers of music

With thanks to my new friend Mr Afe, I have discovered a wonderful web site / service. If you are a freak for music, and you listen to music using any kind of media player on your computer, THIS IS FOR YOU!

It's a website called Last.fm (powered by the brilliantly-named server "audioscrobbler") and it is marvellous. You create a user profile for yourself and download a special plug-in for your media player (all of which is extremely easy). The website then automatically keeps a record of every single track you play on your computer, creating a musical profile, compiling charts of your favourite bands and songs. It shows you other users from all over the world who have the same tastes in music as you, provides forums and message-boards, and you can even listen to Last.fm Radio - which draws on other similar users' playlists to introduce you to new music you might like.

You can also use the Audioscrobbler Browser. Simply type in the name of a band or artist you're a fan of, and it will show you a big pictorial chart (see excerpt above) of other bands who are liked by the same people. This is all sheer genius as far as munkey is concerned.

Only one question remains: why the hell didn't I discover this website sooner?!




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