07 November, 2005


Okay, I think it's time for another side-show of freakish treats from sources far and wide.


Official Political Advisor to mindlessmunkey, Madame Mu, sent me this news snippet during the week:

Leaders of the Free World

(Opening paragraph in an op-ed piece in the New York Times Oct 19)
"A delegation of Iraqi judges and journalists abruptly left the U.S. today, cutting short its visit to study the workings of American democracy. A delegation spokesman said the Iraqis were ''bewildered'' by some of the behavior of the Bush administration and felt it was best to limit their exposure to the U.S. system at this time, when Iraq is taking its first baby steps toward democracy."

As Moodles said, truly a glowing recommendation of the world's only remaining superpower! If the the way they run things is considered a detrimental example to a fledgeling democracy, what hope do they really have of bringing "Freedom" to the Middle East?


In related, but far more nonsensical delights, here is a fun little website:


Very simple, but actually quite hypnotic... watch as George falls, collides and contorts his way down a never-ending field of bumpy blue balls. If he gets stuck, simply click, drag and chuck his puny little body around! Fun fun fun!


This next item comes to the desk of Mr Munkey by the grace of Mister Timothy. In my web travels, I have encountered many slices of utterly bizarre genius, but this particular Blog is perhaps the most bewilderingly impressive:


This blogger "Eggagog"... is he a genius or is he retarded? Is he making a sublimely ironic statement about the self-publishing phenomenon, or is he... retarded? Any way you look at it his blog is strangely addictive and laugh-out-loud funny. Funny strange AND funny haha. The quite disturbing thing is -if you take the time to read the posts from the beginning, in chronological order - it actually starts to make sense. Hrmm.


Last up, in the category of wacky/bizarre photos you will never see anywhere but on the net:

Yes, lovers and dreamers, an xray of someone getting a blowjob. Just when you thought they'd already discovered every possible genre of porn, some genius has come up with MRI PORN! What's next? ECGs of hot college twinks? A CATscan taken at the moment of female ejaculation? This could be the next big thing in adult entertainment!

Electron microscope cumshot! How hot is that?!




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