02 August, 2005

roots into the earth, strings into the heavens

A most pleasant weekend... almost entirely spent with Ryan which was lovely, as always. Let's see... on Friday night we just bummed around at home, as usual ~ ended up watching Bend It Like Beckham on the telly, just because it was there and we were there and Jonathon Rhys Meyers (or whatever his name is) has the kind of bone-structure that dreams are made of. So thusly inspired, we went on to watch Velvet Goldmine to enjoy more of the aforementioned Mr Meyers, with Ewan Macgregor and Christian Bale also thrown into the mix. mmmmmm

We hauled ourselves into the world bright and early on Saturday morning, taking care of various necessities to do with eyesight and overseas travel, before spending the afternoon hanging out with Rye's friend Ms Nelufa and her gorgeous little daughter Jade. We then tramped up to Clifton Hill to enjoy dinner and a Neighbours marathon with Snazzles and Moodles. *soap munkeys* My, wasn't it wonderful to see Izzy get her comeuppance, Dr Karl finally realising what a DAMN FOOL he was for ever drifting from Susan. That'll learn y'all! You don't mess with Susan and expect to get away with it!

It was up with the chickens (well, not quite) once again on Sunday to take part in National Tree Day (or something) for which Ms Nat had organised a Lighthouse contingent. So munkey - as an official honourary Lighthouse hanger-on - went along with Mr Ryan to Burnley Park, to plant lots and lots of plants and shrubs all around the park... hopefully to provide mucho enjoymentness for years to come. It does feel awfully good to get mud under your fingernails and introduce a living thing to a new life in the soil.

After nurturing my inner Pinko Treehugger, I trundled off again to the Film Fest, joining Lady Lilikens to see Childstar. The film was introduced by Writer-Director-Star Don McKellar with a witty and clever speech (which became even more hilarious once the film began, and it's in-joke quality became apparent) and it was a great little movie... an offbeat and amusing view into the world of a twelve-year-old movie star and his entourage.

After the movie, we met with Mistress Corredina and enjoyed a few "reassuringly expensive" Stellas at the Festival Bar, before having dinner at The Lounge. As they headed off to catch Princess Raccoon (those crazy Japanese), I made my way back to Munkey Towers and had another quiet evening *schloof munkey*, watching Big Brother (how could they evict Kate?! She might be irritating, but Melanie is drying-paint personified!) and settling down for a good sleep.

I headed into work for a half-day on Monday, skiving off early to meet Lili, Ms Jen and Mr Joshua and attend another film: Strings. Okay... so imagine a Shakespearian tragedy crossed with a Victor Kelleher novel, then picture it all in a world populated by string puppets. No, lovers and dreamers, we're not entering Thunderbirds territory, we're talking damn classy marionettes, beautifully designed creatures, elegantly performed. And the most remarkable thing, which I wasn't expecting ~ the story is not only performed using puppets, but is self-referentially set in a marionette world; the fact that all the characters are string-puppets is the crux of the story's philosophy and mythology. The film opens with an old king ending his life by severing his own head-string. Palaces and cities are built with no closed-in doorways or rooves, allowing the all-connecting strings to move about freely. These literal lifelines bind every person to each other and to the heavens. Very interesting concepts, and a very beautiful film.

Rushing as best I could out of the cataclysmic city peak-hour chaos, I finally made my way to Endeavour Hills for a lovely dinner and catch-up session with patermunkey and Ms Cait. So we enjoyed a pork roast, I met Cait's Sims, we watched Mythbusters - hurrah for those crazy guys and their penchant for destroying things. And thanks to pop and cat for a great evening. As much as I love living the inner-suburbs, independant life, I do miss you guys like crazy.

Love to all, more soon.


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Blogger Launa said...

Isn't Clifton Hill where Ewan lives or is it Clifton Road?

March 12, 2008 2:15 pm  
Blogger Launa said...

Isn't Clifton Hill where Ewan lives?

March 12, 2008 2:16 pm  

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