31 January, 2006

drink up and think of england

As Friday evening rolled around, some friends-and-laziness time was just what the doctor ordered. So Oli and I were off to the House-of-Much-Goodness where I visited with Snazzles and Moodles (as well as PlantMan and Ms Z, briefly). We partook of beer (not Coopers, after Lady Lilikens' nasty revelation) and fish and chips. We also watched Six Degrees Of Separation. Top notch film - if you haven't seen it, go out and do so.

Now, for those of you who may not know, my family on patermunkey's side hails from Yorkshire, England. I have grown up my whole life knowing this, and Snaz and I even visited the location of my father's youth on our travels. Unfortunately, our Australian branch of the munkey clan only made contact with the yonder-folk in the last couple of years, discovering them to be an incredibly warm, welcoming bunch. Several of my family-members have since stayed with them and been treated to incredible hospitality - made to feel they had been known and loved their whole life. However until this weekend, I myself had never met any of my relatives from the Motherland.

Ms Lorraine is patermunkey and Aunty S's cousin. She was visiting for just three days with her husband Eric. So the whole clan convened (as usual) on Aunty S's house to meet and greet with them. It was lovely - even quite moving - to see Ms Lorraine and Grandma Ashton reunited after more than forty years. We have never had a family reunion of any kind, but I guess this is about the closest we'll ever get. These two ambassadors of the anglomunkeys are quite simply some of the loveliest people you could ever hope to meet and - as matermunkey declared when she met them in England - Ms Lorraine does have some surprisingly similar expressions and mannerisms to Aunty S. It really is amazing how much it feels like we've known them forever.

One thing I have discovered which seems to be universal to my family, wherever they dwell: We like to drink. A lot. Fortunately we are also (the vast majority of the time, at least) very placid, benign drunks. So drop over sometime. Whether here or in the rolling hills of Yorkshire. The first thing you'll be asked is: "What can I get you to drink?" As long as you don't say, "Weak, white tea with soymilk," you will be most welcome.



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