24 January, 2006

look! up in the air! it's a... holden?

Thanks to Mr Altorus for this little slice of bizarreness.

A giant step forward for the human race in Perth! Yes, Perth! Exclusive GoogleEarth images reveal the unprecedented invention of a flying car:

From The Register:
...the vehicle in question is at an altitude of three of four metres and doing about 80 knots. Which rules out a rocket-powered project, and we can see no evidence of the Wankel-powered turbofan outrigger engines favoured by the Moller Corporation. Which leaves just one possible explantion: the Aussies have developed a gravity-busting hyperdrive, have bolted it into a second-hand Holden, and are seen here in the split second before their X-Motor made the transdimensional leap to hyper light speed.

The world will never be the same!



Blogger B.Wabbit said...

Typical WA's.
I sed to Berryl I sed:
"Berryl" (I sed) "Those WA's are weird. Too weird. Too far west. I mean wot's out there? Westness and desert. Westness and desert and rocks. I don't trust em, Berryl. I rikkon they're all aliens, luv. I rilly do."
Berryl's eye's flickered. I wiped up some drool from her chin and went back to my mag. The nurse came in...

January 25, 2006 2:46 am  
Anonymous Tina turner said...

oh my sir munkey..
your blog stillcontines to amuse me to no end..
it kills...

January 25, 2006 12:48 pm  

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