31 January, 2006

everymunkey jiggling

My dear American friend Mr Michael, while researching for a college paper on tea, discovered this:


Apparently a much-loved delcacy in China, this tea is picked from wild tea plants. The plants grow on high cliff-faces and other hard-to-reach places, so the tea-growers have specially trained monkeys to go and fetch the precious leaves for them.

From the website:
The monkeys are very well cared for and their parents before them did the same job, so it has become ingrained into them and they wouldn’t be happy doing anything else.

Now it's probably just my natural cynicism, but it sounds to me like they're trying a little too hard to convince us how happy and healthy the monkeys are. Oh yes, I'm sure. Because the Chinese are so widely renowned for treating their human working-classes with unparralleled fairness and dignity. They would never exploit a poor little animal. I have no doubt the monkeys veritably crawl out of the jungles and beg to be put to work. "I'm so miserable with my carefree life of faeces-flinging and lusty monkey-rooting. I long for a life with purpose, like my dear old parents. Please sir, let me pick tea for you! It's a family tradition!"

Still, I'm sure it makes for a damn nice hot drink. I won't tell PETA if you won't. *winks*



Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh... one of a kind you are sir..


February 09, 2006 8:23 am  

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