29 November, 2005

i'm walkin down that lonely road. and my heavy load, i didn't bother to bring it

Goodness gracious, what a nutty few days I have had!

Our tale begins last Thursday. I got home to discover two rather pleasant surprises. The first was small-fry, but warmed my heart nonetheless. A work-man had called into my flat that day to service my smoke alarm. I was a trifle uncomfortable about having a stranger in my place when I wasn't home. But he left a very sweet card on the bench, telling me he'd installed a new type of alarm for me that wouldn't go off when I was cooking. Then he drew a smiley face. A smiley face! What kind of work-man leaves notes with smiley faces?! The second surprise was a package from my dear friend
Mr Michael in Chicago. The package was filled to the brim with goodies for my brain. Hurrah!

Friday saw more surprises - mostly involving strange inctances of
The Past running up, sticking its tongue out and saying: BOO! That evening (after a phone conversation with my suddely-reappeared ex-boyfriend) I trundled off to the joint-21st of his former housemates. Coincidence that Mr Ryan should appear the same night as Ms Liz and Ms Nat's birthday celebration? Well, apparently so actually. But the fun didn't stop there (nor with the many, many vodkas I ingested). At the party, I stumbled upon (not quite literally) a Ms Narelle - who attended the same Uni course as me AND shares my birthday - and a Mr Simon (no, lovers and dreamers, not THAT Simon) who I went to highschool with, part of the infamous History-teacher-nervous-breakdown-causing Class 10G. I don't remember all that much beyond about midnight, but I know that I got home in a taxi at about 3.30. Anyway, hope you both had a great birthday, gals.

The reunion theme continued on Saturday morning, with the long-anticipated welcome home of Mme Moodles' much-loved parental units: Mother Gomes & Mr Mikey. Oh, it was good to see them! After six months teaching English in the Land Of The Rising Sun, they seemed very glad to be back in a city of good strong coffee and proper cooked breakfasts, not to mention being surrounded by us loving young-uns once again. (Incidentally the lady waiting tables at Café Nova on Brunswick St is a darling, but the slag behind the counter is a Grade-A cunt.)

The afternoon was spent schloofing with Ms Snazzles, which included a mosey over to the local school fete avec
Ms Jellyfish, her brother The Boy Wonder, and her young charge (seemingly known on the Net only as The Kid). What an entertaining bunch they are! Then, after a much-needed Nanna-Nap, it was off to the home of the loveable & decadently insane Ms Leah for another birthday celebration. Unfortunately owing to Snaz & I both nursing crippling hangovers, my immediate group of lovely ladies made a reasonably early night of it... all bar Mistress Corrie who - along with Leah - apparently found herself still drinking beer and dancing in her underwear at 5 in the morn. Ah... whether trash-bagging it up, or slumping in a tired mess in the corner, I've said it before and I'll say it again: My friends are HOT and they ROCK.

On Sunday morning I met with Mr Ryan Mac. In a twist of that-thing-that-everyone-calls-irony-but-isn't-really, we met in the same place, walked down the same street and ended up in the same café as we had on our first ever date. Anyway, we had a long-needed chat, were brave and honest with each other, and cleared the air about a lot of things I hope. How can I describe the feeling of this rendezvous? Last time I saw him, I was kissing him good-bye at the airport, madly in love and missing him already, but believing he would be back and all would be fine in three short weeks. Now it is several months later, and more has happened than I can even fit into my head. The details of our catch-up conversation are not the fodder for this forum, but suffice to say I am proud of myself for being true to my felings... and I only cried a little bit! At any rate, it was all good for The Closure.

So here I am. Strill tired and slightly hungover... there was more drinking throughout the weekend, of the Alone variety ("What horse were you thrown from, which riderless goes on?"). But hey, things are cool. Hope everyone out there in computer-land have their Happy Hats on. More news, as it happens, dear readers.


The only way to go now is forward...




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