08 June, 2005

like absinthe through the shotglass, these are the days of my life

Why, hello there.

Goodness gracious me, it has been an awfully long time since I gave y'all an update on my little life *slack munkey*.

Right off the bat, let me dish out a huge (and hugely belated) congratulations to Cousin Jodi and her partner Mr Mick on the birth of their son Max. The munkey-clan gains another member, and our long-planned domination of the Universe edges a step closer to fruition...

Now, let's cast our minds back to Friday 20th of May, when somethiung else came to fruition: one of my birthday presents from patermunkey! ...going to see Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds live in concert. The band were excellent, energetic and atmospheric. Unfortunately the Festival Hall needs to be rightly renamed Festy Hole, and munkey has no doubt the concert would have been even better if they had played somewhere with better visuals and acoustics; The Palais and The Forum spring to mind.

The following day, after having lunch and an extended chat session avec Ms Snazzles and Mr Ryan among the extraordinarily flirty staff of Sass on Bridge Road, Ms Cait came over to my house for the evening. Patermunkey was away with a workmate watching the F.A. Cup, so it was just munkey, Rye, Snaz and Cait all left to fend for ourselves. *babysitters-club munkeys* We gorged on Red Rooster and played Break The Safe and Harry Potter Uno (with my devilish sister taking particular delight when either Ryan or I was attacked with a Draw 4 card). We then moved onto another of my birthday presents: the highly addictive PC game The Sims. As the night wore on, only Ms Cait and I remained, so we snuggled into our beds - she on the sofa-bed - and slept late the next morning ~ rising just in time to cook some eggs for breakfast before patermunkey came to take Cait home.

During the following week, Mr Ryan and his multitudinous housemates were required to move completely out of their big lovely house, while it is getting renovated. So I helped in what small ways I could, as everything was packed into boxes, and Rye's essentials moved into my little flat for the month. I was able to spend much more time with some of Ryan's housies, especially the insane and lovely Ms Nat with her probing curiosity and highly-addictive laughter. On Saturday 28th I caught up for lunch and chinwag with Mr Adrian which was nice. Considering we work within metres of each other, we really don't see each other often enough. We dined at Wild Oscars, munkey delving into all day breakfast, as usual. *predictable munkey*

By Saturday afternoon, Ryan was all ready to make his Odyssey across Richmond. So we loaded up Oli and moved my exhausted boy into Munkey Towers, where I left him schloofing on the couch, while I rushed off to meet Snazzles, Moodles, Ms Lili et al for the movies, for which I was running frightfully late. After seeing Star Wars (see review, below) we trundled along Victoria St and had a lovely Vietnamese meal at Thy Thy, before I bade my friends adieu and headed home.

Well, Mr Ryan Mac and mindlessmunkey moving in together - even temporarily - may seem a big step... but so-far it's all been quite domestically blissful. *touching-wood munkey* Ryan began his new job in collections at The National, so we're much like a married couple, bidding farewell of a morning... trundling separately off to work... having dinner, drinking wine and watching tv in the evening. I began coming down with a cold during the week, but was determined not to let it take hold. So, I came home from work early, took the next day off, and guzzled Vitamin C tablets like there was no tomorrow.

By Thursday afternoon, I was feeling a bit better, and as Ryan wasn't working till 5, we decided we would go out and finally get him his Learners. A veritable comedy of errors ensued as we meandered back and forth between Camberwell, Richmond and the City, finally collecting all the different bits of ID required for Ryan to get a bit of plastic with his face on it. Finally, with half an hour before Ryan was due at work, he had the card, Oli had L-plates up, and Rye had my keys in his hot little hand! It could be said that driving from Camberwell to King St in peak hour traffic is a rather ambitious first drive for a Learner. But Ryan is a fairly experienced and very enthusiastic driver, and he did very well under pressure.

So, needless to say, Mr Ryan has been driving under munkey's supervision EVERYwhere since. We have driven to Malvern, picked up Ms Nat (who stayed overnight on Friday), visited Ms Nat at work, gone to Queen Vic Markets (via the Western Ring Road!), Clayton, Kensington, Springvale, Kew, Flemington you name it. Ryan and Oli seem to be getting along very well so far. *still-touching-wood munkey*

On Saturday night, after an expensive trip to Chadstone (which included the purchase of 250mL of until-recently-illegal real Czeck absinthe) Rye and myself mosied to the house of Mr Chris Mac. There we indulged in lots of wine, Thai food, and plenty of chat from the superficial to the monumental. Then our bubbly trio trundled off to The Peel. Another gay bar to tick off my list, huzzah! The Peel is fairly laid back and not too posey... it could really be any other alternative, loud musicy bar, if it wasn't for the occasional 6 foot drag-queen, and of course upstairs - which is decked out with gay porn movie lounges and black-painted sex rooms (unoccupied when we were exploring the place, thankfully). Now that may sound quite shocking... but either I'm becoming used to the excesses of the gay scene, or I was very very drunk (or quite possibly both) because it really didn't freak me out. *desensitised munkey* However, needless to say, we spent most of our evening downstairs away from the debauchery. After dancing to much trashy music and drinking much hard liquor, we said adieu to Christopher and left. Rye and I had a rather strange, and very drunken, conversation about sexual-politics and homophobia with our friendly, jolly cab driver, before finding ourselves wasted and happy back at home at last.

And I guess that, lovers and dreamers, brings us apporximately up to speed. Apologies again for the long absense; I shall endeavour to broadcast a little more frequently in the future.
Now, do me (and yourself) a favour: think of someone you love and go give them a big cuddle as soon as possible. There now. Didn't that make you feel nice?

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