28 April, 2005

i look pretty tall, but my heels are high...

Well well well.

It has been a happy/sad week in munkeyland. Plans were afoot to spend a romantic weekend in the country with Mr Ryan Mac, but alas one of his beloved relatives fell seriously ill, so Rye-boy - having his priorities well and truly in the right order - was forced to postpone our getaway, and jet-set off to Queensland to be with his family. So this has been a "substitute" week, not to say i haven't enjoyed every moment of my activities... but I also keep remembering that I miss Ryan like a madman, and can't help wishing I could be there to hug him and be with him during such a difficult time. Ah well ~ I shall have to be content with regular phone contact for now, and prepare to lavish affection upon him when he returns to our sparkling Southern metropolis *gooey-munkey*.

So in lieu of lazing about among the trees, I trundled with Ms Snazzles and Ms Lili to the National Gallery, and took in the Andy Warhol Time Capsules, and Grotesque: The Diabolical and Fantastical in Art exhibitions. Both were very interesting... that Mr Warhol sure was a zany character, and the collection of etchings, drawings and paintings in the Grotesque exhibition is wonderful. Gotta love centuries-old depictions of sexually promiscous witches and tormented saints, not to mention muppet-like demons enjoying some serious anal probing.

On Sunday I joined patermunkey with my Uncle Mr Peter and Aunty Ms Wendy (and yes, J.M.Barrie fans, Peter and Wendy are really their names) for a glorious lunch of roast duck with mudcake and strawberries for dessert. Cousins Nick & Greg called in afterwards, and it was good to catch up with them all again. For my second free meal of the day *moocher munkey*, Oli and I drove further afield, to The Patch, for an evening with Mother Gomati and Mr Mikey, and of course Ms Snazzles and Madame Mu. Everyone's favourite eccentric neurosurgeon Mr Peter also joined us with his wife Ms Pascale and son Mr Felix. We also viewed the original Harry Potter film, which has its moments (can anyone say "Oliver Wood"?), but I must say is wearing extremely thin after so many repeated viewings. Certainly no comparison to Alfonso Cuaron's masterful rendering of the third book.

On Monday, mindlessmunkey shocked even himself by attending an Anzac Day football barbecue. But never fear lovers and dreamers, as it eventuated not a second of football was watched at the event. Hurrah! I met with Mr Daniel J for a beer in St Kilda, where he lovingly showed me photos of his new pet snake Trouza (yes Dan's sense of humour resides chiefly below his belt). We then picked up Dan's new beau Mr Lee W (and what an extremely handsome couple they make!) and scuttled off to his friend Ms Lex's house, where we enjoyed the wonderful company of Ms Lex (obviously), her sister Ms Grace, their cousin Ms Leanne, Ms D2... and many others too numerous to name. It was an afternoon / evening of beer, hilarity and pyromania, as Ms Lex and Mr Dan J both displayed their fire-twirling skills, Lex proving the more skillful of the two, since Dan managed to smack himself in the nuts (but fortunately not set them on fire). Oh and the result of the football left me torn and tormented, as my beloved Ms Andrea and Mr Josh are both avid Bombers supporters, while my beloved Mr Ryan Mac is a one-eyed Pies supporter. What's a munkey to do?

Well, that's about all I've got for this installment, dear readers. Stay tuned!




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