05 May, 2005

arrivals, revivals and reunions

Flashback: 1995. Three best friends and a tonne of denial. Ten years pass: a whole lot of mileage, a whole lot of water under the bridge, a whole lot of self-discovery. Here we are at last Friday. Here are mindlessmunkey, Mr Gareth and Mr Glenn, catching up for drinks. Flashback 45 minutes. FUCKING Yarra Trams are performing works on my tramline to the City. Everyone gets thrown off the tram at Punt Road, we are told that we have to WAIT and catch a FUCKING bus the rest of the way into the City. *severely-unimpressed munkey* FUCK THAT. Let me tell you, if I had actually bought a ticket, I would have been mightily pissed off. But I simply trudged through the crowd of (literally) scores of middle-class, middle-aged couples who were busy having conniptions because they had no idea how to go about walking the extra 250 metres to Cirque Du Soleil ... and made my way on foot.

So munkey did more excercise than he has in a very long time, walking all the way along Swan St then Batman Ave until I finally found myself at The Purple Emerald in Flinders Lane. A fun night ensued, as Gareth, Glenn and munkey were joined by their friend Mr Brett, and later trundled off to The Laird in Collingwood. Yes, another gay venue to tick off the list of places munkey has visited. Despite the gratuitous nudie pics decorating the place, The Laird isn't too bad, in terms of clientele. A bit older and less posey than many queer venues, although there is an occasional tendency towards stereotypical "bear" and "leather" guys, who look to me like parodies of themselves. Why are you in costume?! Just be yourself! Honestly! We queers are segregated enough from the world, I really don't get why we have to segregate ourselves into different meaningless "clubs" even within our own subculture. Pah! Twinks, clubbers, bears, chubs... let's call the whole thing off!

Another flashback on Saturday night, for an '80s Party at the house of Ms Snazzles, Moodles, Ms Em and Mr Jez. Munkey quickly threw together a Bros/Rick Astley type ensemble and made his way to Spensley Street. Everyone had certainly pulled out all stops, and looked wonderfully trashy in their 80s gear. Special mention must go to Mr Jez, who fulfilled a bet/dare by changing into a tiny, lime green ra-ra skirt, showing off his divine, shapely legs *pathological-perve munkey*. I think someone needs to hold a superhero party, so we can see him in tights, taking on his PlantMan persona once and for all. So anyway, the DVD player was tuned to ancient episodes of Neighbours (Scott & Charlene's wedding ~ surely the most romantic moment in Aussie TV history!) and '80s teen flicks, while the stereo pumped out the music of the time, from the very cream of the crop, to the very dregs of the pool. A word of advice to everyone: you MUST get Ms Em drunk and play Def Leppard and Bon Jovi loudly ~ the effect is a sight to behold, and truly an experience everyone should see before they die.

In the very early hours of Sunday morning, a spectacular event took place. Yes, lovers and dreamers, Cousin Mark and his beautiful partner Ms Annie have welcomed into the world their first child!!! At 8 lbs 4 and doubtless destined for great things, Mr Jett has arrived! I have yet to meet the bundle of joy, but hopefully that will be rectified soon. All my love and congrats to Mark, Annie and Jett, and of course to the whole family, especially to the proud grandparents, and grandma Ashton: now a GREAT-grandma! There must be something in the air recently, because no fewer than THREE of my cousins are reproducing within six months of each other! So many new munkey-related human beings can only be a good thing.

The joy continued on Tuesday night, as Mr Ryan Mac jetted from Bris-vegas and back into my arms at long last. Can't tell y'all how good it was to see him again. To welcome him back, I gave him a cuddly monkey (just like me, only smaller... and slightly less talkative) and some mix CDs of kewl tunes. Hope you like them Rye. We spent Tuesday night and Wednesday together... doing nothing really special, i guess... but even doing nothing is special, when you're doing it with a special someone. *luv munkey* After several aeroplane issues, it was quite late when Mr Ryan finally touched-down... and much later still by the time we got to bed. So slothfulness ensued on Wednesday - I had arranged to have the day off work - as we slept till after midday. We then mosied up to Grandma Funks for some breakfast... only to find we had overslept their breakfast menu. DAMMIT. Ah well, that's what you get for being lazy. So we had lunch, and then spent the afternoon driving and walking aimlessly, ending up in the city, with a few Gin and Tonics at Hairy Canary, and a traipse through some of the lovely arcades and alleys of our fine City. I think poor Ryan is having a little trouble getting back into the rhythm of relaxed, funky Melbourne after spending two weeks in "uptight, redneck" Queensland (his descrption, not mine, so don't send your hate mail this way).

Well, the next time I write to you with news, dear readers, I will be a big-grown-up 25-year-old!!! Scary shit. But at least it's an odd number. And hey, this year's already shaping up to be pretty damn peachy. Couldn't be much worse than the last one. But none of that ~ I shall not dwell on dreariness! Life is too damn short!

Until next time, take care of yourselves... and each other.




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