19 April, 2005

la-la-la, oh my poor rheumatic back ~ yes-yes-yes, it’s my autumn almanac

Stephen Fry hates Tuesdays, and I'm generally inclined to agree with him. It's still very early on this particular Tuesday, but so far it's offered me nothing to complain about, and I'm hoping it stays that way.

Last working-week was fairly uneventful - apart from the now-regular West Wing fiesta on Tuesday night with Ms Snazzles, Madame Mu, Ms Lili and Ms Em. This week, the festivities began early, so we could watch some of Ms Snazzles's handiwork on Neighbours, as Serena got a long-deserved slappin *soapie-munkey*.

The other big occasion of the week was Thursday night, when Mr Ryan Mac arrived upon my doorstep with a bunch of roses for me and bags full of food, and proceded to cook me a marvellous dinner. It was the loveliest thing... and to think, he was the one who had just endured a very traumatic week, and here was me getting pampered! I felt extremely spoiled and lucky. *mushy munkey*

We then watched Koyaanisqatsi which I really enjoyed. One of my favourite films is Baraka and this is certainly a fore-runner to that ~ in fact I wouldn't be surprised if certain sequences in Baraka are directly inspired by Koyaanisqatsi because some of the images are almost identical. At any rate, both movies are worth checking out if you're intrigued by the idea of non-plot, non-character, non-dialogue, image-based cinema.

On Friday night, it was high time to celebrate Mistress Corredina's bold excursion into non-retail life. Hurrah! So I downed a couple of bourbons to get myself primed for the occasion and trundled up to Swan St, where I caught a Taxi to the delightfully glamorous Polly bar. The usual gang assembled there, along with other friends of Corrie's, and her EX-workmates who I'm sure are somewhat envious of her new lifestyle. Although having said that the poor girl has been working absurdly hard, not just at her wonderful new job with Aesop, but also at her studies to become an official teacher of English as a second language. Munkey had decided it was a grand opportunity to get riotously drunk (it's been almost two weeks since the last time, after all!) and enjoyed many a James Boag and gin & tonic *lightly-pickled munkey*, before clambering into another taxi home and tumbling into bed.

I slept until 1pm on Saturday, which is slothful even by my lazy standards, but dragged myself out of bed only a little hungover and made the odyssey to Endeavour Hills to help patermunkey set up his new computer. It all came together without too many problems, and before the day was out, I had everything linked and installed, and we even set up a cute polar-bear desktop & horse slideshow screensaver to please Ms Cait. Then it was time to settle into yet another evening of drinking (anyone else detecting a pattern here?), as patermunkey and I settled down with a bottle of bourbon and the DVD of Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Ahh the days when action/adventure movies still had a sense of humour.

Melbourne turned on a truly perfect Autumn day on Sunday, reminding me why it is my favourite season of the year ~ and no, it's NOT just because my birthday is in Autumn. Patermunkey had decided to take advantage of the fine conditions by visiting Melbourne's Botanic Gardens, so Mr Ryan and myself decided to tag along with my Dad, sister Cait and puppi Nimbus, as well as Ms Sheila and Mr Ian. We all crammed into the Silver Beast and after struggling to find a park (it seemed half of Melbourne had the same idea as us that afternoon) enjoyed a lovely stroll in the beautiful surrounds. First Ms Cait led us on a tramp through the new Children's Garden, which is great (thanks in large part to Mr Plantman Jez, I have no doubt). After a traipse through the fern gully (i know i'm not supposed to, but I miss the bats!), an amble along the lake (eels are so fucking abject and disgusting) and a highly overpriced snack at the café, we piled back into our vehicle and patermunkey dropped us back at the munkey-pad before heading home.

That night Ryan and I rather pathetically scraped together some coins (yes, literally, coins!) to buy ourselves some dinner, and watched the incredibly classy Jodi Foster in an incredibly bad-quality VHS copy of Contact. Hurrah for the age of DVD, says munkey. Still it's a great movie even when viewed with sub-standard technology. Mr Ryan and I stayed up late chatting about everything from Buffy to second-degree-burns to Lord Somers, before we said farewell. It was well beyond the witching hour, and I was dreading the unhealthy lack of hours I had to sleep before my cursed alarm would go off... but I crawled beneath the covers and switched off the lamp with a smile upon my face. Nestled in the warm darkness, I must confess I felt somewhat happier with the world than I have for a long time.

Join us for the late news with Sandra Sully, followed by all the action of Sports Tonight, and I'll see you again for our regular bulletin... at a random time of my choosing! Adieu.
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