12 April, 2005

meetings and gatherings, sharings and partings

Greetings and salutations. Well it has been a while since i posted anything newsy. Let us cast our minds back to the beginning of the month...

On the evening of April 1st, I was again graced with the wonderful presence of Mr Ryan Mac. We ate pizza and drank wine and sat in the candle-light watching The Return Of The King, side-by-side on my cozy little couch... and well I'm sure we can all imagine what happened next *ahem*. Needless to say it was a most pleasant evening, and after bidding Mr Ryan adieu in the wee small hours, I snuggled into bed feeling very warm and fuzzy. *trying-to-keep-head-on-shoulders munkey*

On Saturday night, a few of my nearest and dearest attended Chez Munkey for a very small bash. Ms Snazzles was there of course - quite bleary-eyed after spending the previous night partying-down with the stars of Ramsay Street. Also in attendance were Madame Mu, Ms Lili and Mistress Corrie, Ms Em & Mr Jez (aka PlantMan ...shhhh), Ms Andrea, Mr Chris (and later his beau Mr Hao) and a rather nervous Mr Ryan Mac. Yes I suppose we are a slightly overwhelming bunch at first glance, but as Ryan found, a very warm-hearted and lovely bunch once you get to know us. The festivities continued long into the night... including a time just after midnight when the music got pumped up VERY loud for a dance-off~ I'm sure my neighbours - who live just on the other side of the walls in four directions - were quite thrilled with me. Ah well, payback for them watching BBC World on top volume at all hours of the night, and loudly hawking up phlegm early every morning. Much alcohol of many kinds was imbibed, and many personages of the gummi-variety met untimely and unpleasant ends. After everyone else had trundled off home to bed, we got to spend some Munkey/Ryan-time once again , and by the time the poor hungover lad headed home on early Sunday afternoon, it was fair to admit that mindlessmunkey was something of a smittenkitten.

It was a very quiet, by-the-numbers kind of week. *work-eat-sleep munkey* At some point i had a lovely lunch with Dr Goo at the Axxess café - which is local to both our places of business... I forget when exactly that was *goldfish-memory munkey*. I also helped patermunkey buy a brand swanking new Dell online, as he has finally given up on trying to salvage our old shit-box of a computer.

On Friday it was Ms Lili's birthday! Happy Birthday, darling Lilikens. The usual gang, plus Ms Anne, Ms Anna-Grace and Ms Lili's (very hot) cousin Mr Casey, all converged on Iku Yakitori in Brunswick. There we had our own private room, where we seated ourselves on the floor, drank Japanese beer and sake, and enjoyed a banquet of approximately 4 courses (from memory)... which added up to a whole lot of food.

On Saturday I met with Mr Claudio, whom I have not seen in an absurdly long time. He came to visit my new dwelling, and spying my guitar, insisted on my playing a bit of munkey-music, in response to which he embarrased me profusely with praise and encouragement. I should be glad i suppose, but I'm very bad at taking compliments. Still, it was very nice to get the positive feedback - and from a former student of the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, no less! *really-ought-to-form-a-band-one-of-these-days munkey*

A gathering at the Clifton Hill residence ensued that evening, to enjoy one of Lili's birthday presents: The West Wing on DVD. Having never caught more than a few minutes of this show on TV, it was great to be able to see it from the very beginning. And what a great series it is... snappy dialogue, in-depth characters, no dumbing-down... by golly, it just almost makes American politics inspiring! And of course, it is a liberal-lefty's wet dream. "Bartlet for president in the real world!" say munkey-and-friends.

Sunday morning saw a visit from Mother Gomes and Mr Mike - ostensibly out of interest in my new abode, but really I suspect a thinly-veiled excuse to nab my leftover boxes for their own packing. hehe. At any rate it was lovely to see them, and to show off my flat, as we will all be without their company for a whole year, come early May. *sniff, sob*

Now just a few shout-outs via the WWW. International greetings to Mr Eduardo and Mr Lee, who are adventuring in Spain and London, respectively. Meanwhile, a huge congratulatory hug goes out to Mistress Corredina on finally hitching a ride out of retail for ever! Also to Mr Ryan Mac for scoring a shot at his dream-job... here's hoping it goes all the way, and I have no doubt it will. Also for Ryan, big warm cuddles of condolence on the passing of his beloved Great-Grandfather. Even when someone you love has been gradually leaving for a very long time, it's no preparation for the moment when they are suddenly, irreversibly, gone. *hugs and kisses*
Be well, lovers and dreamers. Take solace in the offering of shelter. Seek protection by the giving of comfort. Find safety through the sharing of love. xo


Another pic of Mr Ryan Mac, for all the kurious kats.



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