08 March, 2005

the house of munkey & the wedding of the year

Greetings lovers and dreamers, and welcome to the first blog entry to be typed in The House Of Munkey. Yes, you read correctly, I have taken up residence in my marvellous new abode in Richmondia *official-tennant munkey*.

In usual munkey style, the calendar ticked over to Thursday eve - less than 48 hours before moving day - and I had yet to pack a single item. So I put my chubby little ass in gear and within two days, with a little help from my Dad and sister, had my entire life packed away in boxes. Saturday rolled by and the outlook was bleak: a typical Melbourne day was scheduled ~ mostly fine but scattered with frequent, random periods of torrential rain... and patermunkey has an open-top truck.

Not wanting to get my couch, bed etc soaked through with rain, we delayed and procrastinated much of the day, moving in all the boxes and small things, but still unable to shift the furniture due to the weather. At last, we bit the bullet and made a break for it, covering everything with a big blue tarp and hoping for the best. We made it with everything relatively dry, and were now faced with a new labour worthy of Hercules: getting a fridge, sofa bed, double bed, and two rather large bookshelves up a very narrow flight of stairs.

There are many very pleasant ways one can break out in a serious sweat. Many of them involve two people in a small area of space, grunting and groaning. However lifting furniture up to a first floor flat with your father is not a method I'd recommend.

At any rate, we managed. So as the sun lay itself down to sleep under the blanket of the horizon, I had a new home... a home containing countless boxes of stuff and one very frazzled munkey, but a home nonetheless. Thank goodness for Ms Snazzles and her DVD of "Spaced" with which she occupied my brain until I was ready to collapse into a pleasant 8 hour coma.

I dragged myself out of bed bright and early on Sunday, and had most of my belongings unpacked by the time I had to rush off (via my old home to iron a shirt - don't have an iron yet) to The Wedding Of The Year. Yes dear readers, after eight wonderful years together, Mother Gomati and Mr Mikey tied the knot. It was a lovely, relaxed and love-filled event brimming with friendly faces and fabulous food. The ceremony was romantic, understated and moving *wishing-John-Howard-didn't-hate-fags-so-i-could-have-a-wedding-just-like-it-someday munkey*. A huge congratulatory hug and kiss to Gomes and Mike. Here's cheers to many wonderful years to come.

The time since has been filled with munkey playing house. Consequently I have no money, my credit card is all but maxed out... and my flat looks gorgeous. I don't know if anyone else would agree, because my aesthetic tastes are eccentric, ecclectic and esoteric... but I love it and I'm the only one who has to live in it so ~ Nyah! I have throw cushions! I have a three-piece dining setting! I have a bright purple bean-bag that looks like someone killed and stuffed Grimace from McDonalds (and not before time). In short: payday is just round the corner, and since I refuse to stress-out about finances, everything's feeling rather peachy.

From my brand new computer, on my second-hand desk, in my rented apartment... Adieu!

We've seen this picture before, but let's just relish it one more time: THIS IS WHERE I LIVE! PIP PIP HUZZAH!




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