25 November, 2007

oh frabjous day! callooh! callay!

This morning, for the first time since I was fifteen years old, John Howard is not my Prime Minister.

The enormity of this hasn't sunk in yet. I vividly remember the night Howard got in. I was so ashamed of him - literally embarrassed that this repugnant human being could be the figurehead of the country I loved. In the nearly twelve years since, I have never ceased to feel ashamed of him and, to an extent, our nation as well, for constantly being suckered by his lies, and by playing into the hands of his politics designed to appeal to our basest human instincts: fear, anger, bigotry, greed.

Today that shame has gone. Rudd has yet to prove himself, but his acceptance speech last night was inspiring stuff (well, the first half - he rambled on a bit long thanking everyone, but you have to allow him that). For the first time in nearly twelve years, I am proud of my country as a whole, and hopeful about the quality of its leader.

Congratulations, Australia. Next stop: the future.

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Blogger Sam said...

Never been happier to be so wrong. Faith in Australian public mostly restored. Carry on.

November 26, 2007 11:33 am  

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