02 October, 2007

yes. yes. oh god, yes.

For anyone out there who's a fan of Radiohead, their new album is finished; it's called In Rainbows.

It will be available for download on the 10th of October (next week! squeee!). And the best part is: you decide what to pay for it. This is for real. By the sounds of the website, you can type in whatever amount you feel you want to pay (even $0 if you're stingy) and that's how much it costs.
There's also a super-deluxe made-to-order double-CD + double-Vinyl pack available which is (a slightly excessive) 40 British Pounds. A standard CD release will happen sometime in early 2008.

There will be no promo discs, press previews or advance copies. Basically (possibly to avoid nasty incidents like the early leaking of Hail To The Thief a few years ago) they're making it available to everyone in the world at the same time, several months before the CD release, for a price of the listener's choosing.

From the excellent Stereogum music blog:
Looks like In Rainbows will be the great equalizer: no advance copies, so probably no leaks -- just a world full of Radioheadheads pressing play on the same day ... really, we've got a band-sanctioned album leak complete with tip jar, a deluxe package, and the eventual record-store release of the album. It's a nice way of challenging the traditional model, of embracing the way people get their music, and of framing a host of new issues and alternatives for industry wonks to debate and consider for a long time to come.

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Blogger Afe said...

Yes yes, I heard yesterday, and I am as excited as a squirrel in a bag of nuts. I just have to decide how many pounds will make me feel not guilty.

October 02, 2007 10:23 pm  
Blogger Goo said...

OMG I'm so excited! How diplomatic of ol' Tom and the others to price the music this way. Other bands could learn a thing or two...

I'll pay at least $10 US dollars. You think that's fair? I mean... no packaging costs right?

October 05, 2007 9:51 am  
Blogger mindlessmunkey said...

afe & goo ~ I ended up paying about £7.50, which works out to be $17 Australian - about the same as your average album on iTunes.

So what did you guys think of the record?

October 19, 2007 11:26 am  

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