23 October, 2006

television icons

So George from Grey's Anatomy is gay. Good for him, although certain lady friends of mine are mighty pissed that yet another desirable man has turned out to be uninterested in boobies.
Byron's response:
Really? ...oh wait, he presented a Tony award. Of course he is.

Fact: Any man is 50% sexier
when playing Mozart in Amadeus

And a big
Boo Hiss to Isaiah Washington, if there's truth in the rumours that his homophobic slurs caused a fight on set.


Remember Fat Cat? In case you don't, he was a mute kiddies-TV character who got ripped from our television screens in 1992, after being deemed confusingly ill-defined (?) by the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal. My favourite part was always when he "danced"; so crap yet so compelling. I miss it. But Fat Cat is not dead! He still gets regular gigs on Sick Kids Telethons in Perth. (I saw this on tonight's Seven News, where Fat Cat was surrounded by a bevy of Channel 7 shlebrities (including "Kochie" and "Dicko") trying unsuccessfully to look charitable and inspired, waving their arms to dodgy music, while streamers tumbled down from above.

Meanwhile Patsy Biscoe is now a naturopath and local councillor in the Barossa Valley area. I wonder if she still has that creepy koala thing attached to her body.


I think it's simply delightful that Bert Newton willingly takes the piss out of himself for wearing a hair-piece. But does he have to do the pull a "spare" toupee out of your pocket and offer it to the bald/ing contestant/audience-member routine EVERY episode of Family Feud? Seriously, I know you're - like - eighty, but get some new material! You've been doing that schtick since at least the GMA days (I know this because a friend of mine was once on the receiving end of your high-larious gag).

And yes, dear readers, I'm aware how embarrassing it is that I watch Mr Newton enough to notice repetitions in his act. I never claimed to be cool.

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Blogger Jellyfish said...

Fabulous picture of George. He's so clever and talented! And MAJOR LOLS to Byron for that call. Although it now makes me worry about my other 'comedy crush', Firefly's adorable Alan Tudyk, a sometime Broadway appearee (a word? ah well, it is now). Say it ain't so etc.

Pasty Biscoe - god, I'd forgotten all about her! We had a tape of her songs which my parents tried to avoid playing at all costs. Even the mere mention of her name would induce much gnashing of teeth and eye-rolling from my them, as it meant being subjected to her stoopid, syrupy voice and lame gutiar-strumming. 'Red, and yellow, and pink, and green, purple and orange and bluuuuue... I can sing a rainbow too!'

I just remembered I once choreographed a dance for the annual Fish Family Christmas Day Concert to Patsy singing 'Boys and Girls Come Out To Play,' and it involved the Boy Wonder and I doing a kind of modified conga-line with 'choo-choo train' arm motions. CHRIST. We were (are) so weird.

October 23, 2006 8:36 pm  
Blogger lili said...

I had that tape too!

(surprise, surprise)

I always preferred Pate Biscuit...

October 24, 2006 2:32 pm  
Blogger Afe said...

Fat cat makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Nah, I'm lying. I'm indifferent. But Astro Boy and Monkey Magic have that effect.

October 25, 2006 12:50 pm  
Anonymous Tyson said...

Soo.. he's in that position, on a matress, in a wig... and people didn't reach this conclusion earlier?

November 02, 2006 12:34 am  
Blogger mindlessmunkey said...

jelly ~ I'm sure my parents felt the same way about my Sesame Street tapes, which I insisted on playing ad nauseum. And I definitely objected to my brother's incessant obsession with Peter "devilspawn" Coomb.

Your Christmas Party dance sounds brilliant. I wish I had known you when we were little.

lili ~ It's weird, I think more people now remember Pate Biscuit than Patsy Biscoe. How PoMo.

afe ~ AstroBoy and Monkey Magic were vastly influential on my childhood too. But you can't beat FatCat for naff value.

tyson ~ I'm sure in the 18th Century, wigs were considered very manly.

November 22, 2006 12:23 pm  

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