28 July, 2005

the beast, the ice, a plait, a chase

~dream diary~

an alarm clock almost falls in the bath.

it is hot. this place is filthy. we are sick.

a trip to see "Beauty And The Beast - On Ice!" at the Myer Music Bowl.

not just the stage, but the entire floor of the auditorium is ice. we slip.

a young girl is trying to hang herself... with a noose of her own long, plaited hair... from a stop sign in the middle of the street.

she has been sexually assaulted.

i know who did it. i help her down and take care of her.

i am only in my pyjamas and bathrobe, but i will take her to the police station anyway.

we are driving. he is following. i must get her to the police station. the road seems to go on forever...


These were just a few of the key moments and images. My first very clearly-remembered, coherent dream in ages, and it has to be totally damned screwed-up. In fact it was pretty genuinely upsetting. I'm not going to write the rest, the connecting details, etc.




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