06 July, 2005

turn! turn! turn! ...and a time for every purpose, under heaven

Here is Mr Munkey, trying to keep his eyes open and type something coherent. *insufficient-night's-sleep munkey* It's far harder than it looks, lovers and dreamers.

After arriving home from Palm Cove, I headed out with Ryan to see Batman Begins at Gold Class (hurrah for freebies!). The film was great - not at all a prequel to the existing Batman film saga (which Joel Schumacher destroyed), but rather a whole re-imagining of the myth. Apart from a couple of cheesy moments (only to be expected in a superhero film) it is dark, gritty, action-packed, character-driven and well-crafted. Even Little-Miss-Scientology-Convert-2005 couldn't spoil the show.

On Monday night, I visited my beloved Snazzles and Mu at the Hill of Clifton so they could lavish affection upon my return from The North. I crashed a party of Ms Snazzles's former screenwriting classmates, Dr Chris, Simon Diamond and Sweet Jane, for an evening of pizza and Spaced. For those of you who've never seen Spaced, all I can say is: if you're a fan of whacked-out British Sit-Coms, and have ever been a (wacked-out) 20-something with little-to-no prospects, go out and see yerself a bit of this show right now.

Our Weekly West Wing Fiesta continues also, as we rapidly approach the end of the Second Series. It's all very tense! Will the administration survive the revelation of Bartlett's dishonesty? Only time will tell! Luckily, Lady Lili has already purchased the Third Series so we can plunge straight on and avoid any unbearable suspense. *dvd-junkie munkeys*

As the week progressed, the clock ticked down to the scheduled time of Mr Ryan's departure from my house. So we packed his stuff and moved it back to his freshly-renovated house... and Munkey Towers is looking significantly more ordered, as a result. It turns out I have carpet in my bedroom! You would never have guessed!

On Saturday, after splashing out on stuff for our New Zealand trip at Katmandu's 50%-off Winter Sale, we headed to Narre Warren for the going-away of Ms Lucy. Lucy is one of Ryan's former housemates and closest friends, and she's going away to Darwin. After only knowing the Lighthouse crew a few weeks, it's already clear to me how much she'll be missed. Safe travel, Lucy.

That night, we also dropped by at the birthday party of Mr Chris Mac's boyfriend Mr Hao. Although we didn't wholly participate, the event was a EuroVision party, with the dress-code: Trashy. There were some truly mind-blowing outfits to behold and Mr Chris's sparking wit and infectious laugh were in great form as always. Congrats, Chris, on your new job, and here's to many more years of your company in the merry old land of Oz.

On Sunday, Rye and I were off to the movies once again, this time to see the other half of the TomKat publicity orgy in War Of The Worlds. What to say about this movie...? hmm... Mr Cruise is actually quite good, playing a somewhat passive, desperate non-hero, who's basically shitscared for three-quarters of the movie, and even cries several times. It works for him far better than his usual overbearing self-confidence. The film has some truly mind-boggling sequences of genuinely palpable tension, and special-effects that are very well executed and mercifully restrained. And Dakota Fanning once again proves herself to be one of the most accomplished young actors around. (Let's hope she follows the Jodi Foster path, and not the Corey Feldman path.) However, Spielberg proves once again that he's utterly incapable of creating a satisfying ending. After the second act descends into a frankly absurd sequence involving a needlessly over-acting Tim Robbins in a basement, the third act suddenly sees the film end with no hint of a climax! No action climax, no emotional climax, nuthin. Suddenly Morgan Freeman's voice-over chimes in to effectively say, "and that's the end!" Boooo! say I.

So, while Ryan has officially moved out of Munkey Towers, he has still been spending every night there. In fact, for the last two nights we have also been hosting Ms Nat, *land-lady munkey* since their own residence is still in something of a state of Chaos. So I'm sure, sooner or later, I'll be back to my solitary little life, but for now I have an abundance of company. Meanwhile, our trip to NZ is all-systems-go, as all the accomodation, the car-hire and the sky-diving have all been booked. We are also planning another little weekend trip to Jamieson, this time along with a few friends as well. So all is sunny in MunkeyLand, and there is plenty to look forward to.

Adios amigos. May the love in your hearts warm your flesh against the icy cold of the world's unkindness.




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